We develop and implement robust security programs and provide turnkey solutions.

Executive and Personnel Protection

We apply state of the art protection principles, threat suppression, and risk mitigation. As former members of elite military units, law enforcement agencies, and government agencies, our protection specialists are fluent in a variety of languages, self-defense, threat mitigation, and planning. We facilitate coordination of protection efforts with U.S. and international law enforcement agencies, militaries, and government organizations.


Asset Protection

We design asset protection programs to protect, deter and suppress various threats against facilities of all sizes and locations. We employ contemporary protective fundamentals, techniques and state of art technologies.

Security Vulnerability Assessments (SVA) and Surveys

We conduct Security Vulnerability Assessments for all size facilities to identify weaknesses and gaps. Our SVAs will expose existing gaps and weaknesses, which will aid in the development of a pragmatic mitigation plan and help build a business case to clearly demonstrate how the benefits outweigh costs.